Lisa Velarde – Graduate Student International Summer Research or Residency Award Recipient

Globalstorybridges in Uganda

Graduate student, Lisa Velarde, in Uganda, summer 2023.

I had the privilege of embarking on a transformative research trip to Uganda as the recipient of the International Summer Research or Residency Award. The purpose of my journey was to collect essential data for my dissertation, which revolves around an educational project known as Globalstorybridges.

During my time in Uganda, I had the opportunity to visit three project sites, immersing myself in the digital literacy practices of the local youth. The insights gained from interactions with these young individuals, their teachers, and various community members proved to be invaluable for my research.


Landscape view over green area in Uganda. Photo taken summer 2023.

Exploring schools and engaging in conversations with the youth provided me with a firsthand understanding of their digital literacy experiences. Additionally, the youth generously led me on a comprehensive tour of their community, allowing me to connect with their parents and gain deeper insights into the broader educational landscape.

This research trip was undeniably a life-changing opportunity. The rich experiences and data collected in Uganda will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the development of my dissertation and enhance the impact of the Globalstorybridges project. I am immensely grateful for the support of the International Summer Research or Residency Award, which made this enriching and enlightening journey possible.