Study Abroad, Study Away & International Internships

The School of Education recognizes the importance of study abroad and international internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, and works closely with the International Academic Program (IAP) Office and the International Internship Office.

Spending time outside of your home culture is an opportunity to:

  • Expand your world view
  • Cultivate intercultural understanding
  • Help you to be more competitive in the global workforce
  • Improve or develop language skills
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If you are an undergraduate student in the School of Education planning on studying abroad, please keep the following things in mind:

  • Plan ahead. It works best for students in many of the pre-professional programs to study abroad before joining their major. It is never too early to meet with advisors in the International Academic Programs Office and Educational Academic Services.
  • Credits can and do transfer back. You receive academic credit for studying abroad.
  • Scholarships are available. The IAP Office has a number of scholarships solely for UW–Madison students, and there are external scholarships as well. Do not rule out study abroad or study away based on cost. Make sure to meet with IAP to find out what scholarships are available.
  • You aren’t in this alone! There are people in the International Programs Office and School of Education to support you throughout the process.

Study Abroad or Study Away

The first step is to complete the IAP Office Study Abroad 101 video. Following this video, schedule a meeting with an IAP advisor to talk about:

  • Program options (short-term, faculty-led, semester, academic year)
  • Credit transfer
  • Costs
  • Scholarships/Financial Aid
  • And much, much more!

International Internships

If you wish to pursue an international internship, IIP can help you create an internship customized to your interests. After watching IIP’s Getting Started video to become acquainted with their services, you will be ready to head in for advising and begin to make a plan to intern abroad.