Virtual Global Research Poster Fair

Even in the wake of  COVID-19, impressive research and fantastic creative works continue on in the School of  Education.

The Global Engagement Office, Curriculum and Instruction International Student Association, and Global Higher Education Program planned to host a research symposium and post fair on Tuesday, April 14th. Due to the move to remote work and online classes, an in-person gathering was not possible. Those who planned to present included: Tarsha Herelle, Tyler Hook, Lingyu Li, Kyunghee Shin, and Bing Zhang.

Three presenters wished to share their work with you virtually.

Ai-Ling Kan, Visiting Scholar in Curriculum & Instruction and PhD student in the Department of Education and Learning Technology at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan

The Relationship Between the Spoken Core Vocabulary and High-Frequency Words in the EFL Classroom

Description of work:

The research is intended to be used as a reference for educators who guide English beginning learners to engage in the EFL/ESL classroom and also help advanced students to distinguish between written and spoken English.

Ayse Okur Ozdemir, second year master student in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis/Global Higher Education

The Portrayal of International Students in Globalizing Campuses: A Multimodal Semiotic Analysis of Webpages

Description of work:

My research is focused on international student services and how they contribute to articulation of international students’ role and function in institutional globalization. Therefore, I selected three institutions from BigTen Academic Alliance which placed and structured their international student services offices differently – either as a part of student affairs or global programs. The results indicated that, when part of student affairs, international student services offices become more engaged in promoting and communicating international students’ contributions to globalization from various aspects.

Lindsay, fifth year PhD student in Curriculum & Instruction

Multimedia E-Books for Self-Directed, Mobile Learning: Videos, Quizzes, and Games!

Description of work:

This poster focuses on the application of University of Wisconsin Pressbooks, which is WordPress for textbooks, to create a multimedia approach to the self-directed learning of the German language and the culture of India through the application of mobile apps, video, and games. Students and teachers can create their own multimedia e-books with quizzing and gaming plugins for learning languages and culture, as well as any other subject area!

Global Research Resources

As we continue to practice social distancing and carry out our work from home, we are seeking out additional resources to unearth new insights on our research and sources of inspiration. For those whose work extends geographically beyond the U.S., we would welcome the chance to hear from you about what resources you are finding to deepen your knowledge on research topics or local realities in the communities where your work typically takes place. And, for our colleagues in the arts, how current realities are cultivating your own work and practice. We invite you to share your thoughts by tagging the Global Engagement Office through social media channels and using the hashtag #GlobalSoE.

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Education & Health

Whether your research is domestic or international, now may be the time to consider the role of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in your research on education or health in order to position it within a broader conversation with others around the globe.

UNESCO hosts a number of databases with an array of country statistics, as well as a database on the SDGs. If you are looking to explore data sets on education, health, and much more from a particular country or region of the world, dataplanet: A Sage Publishing Resource, is also available through UW-Madison’s Library.

UNESCO’s website has other relevant resources for thinking about issues that are currently affecting our world during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be immensely relevant in a post-COVID-19 reality. These issues include:

For education and health researchers focused on girls and young women, the World Health Organization’s campaign Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescent’s Health 2016-2030 might be of interest as girls’ education and well-being is disproportionately affected by this pandemic. You can also access the toolkit.

The Arts

Online access to galleries, theatrical productions, and dance performances have opened up as the arts community generously continues to be a lifeline for inspiration and reflection. Below are a few ways to bring the arts directly into your home during this time of social distancing.

Fine Arts

UW-Madison’s 2020 Virtual MFA Exhibitions is at the top of our list of online art exhibits to visit. Their collective works is outstanding and featured through the Art Department.

Museums such as the Louvre in Paris or the Museo Frida Kahlo in Mexico City are offering virtual tours through some of their galleries.

Using the hashtag #MuseumFromHome, you can discover a number of galleries worldwide that are opening their collections.

Theatre & Drama

WhatsOnStage continuously updates a list of free, online stage shows, musicals and operas from around the world that you can watch online for free.

Through the UW-Madison Library, you can access Digital Theatre+ and see productions from around the world. A current play Digital Theatre+ is featuring is Maxim Gorky’s Children of the Sun by Stage Russia HD, performed at the Red Torch Theatre in Novosibirsk, Russia.

Dance offers a number of dance performances and dance films from venues worldwide. is a partnership between two French dance organizations–La Maison de la Danse in Lyons and the Centre National de la Danse. They have a number of dance performances online which can be explored by dance type and theme.

With artists and arts organization hit by COVID-19, the National Endowment for the Arts offers this list of resources.